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Once upon a time or the fabulous story of MM✨

Dernière mise à jour : 27 déc. 2021

The Moulin à Mer, a tidal mill built in 1520, is ideally situated on the river Camfrout and a large arm of the Brest harbour.

From 1729, a lock allows the passage of sea water into the basin at high tide. At low tide, the water coming out of the basin drives the three millstones. During the Revolution, the mill was confiscated from the Count of Rosmorduc. Since then, the building has passed through many hands.

In 1808, the mill, with its 6 millstones, was one of the most important in the region (and is still the highest tidal mill in France). Its flour production reached 1500 tons in 1854. A flourishing economy developed around the building: a small shipyard and a fishmonger's shop with many canned scallops from Daoulas.

Unfortunately, at the end of the 19th century, the mill ceased its activities when its owner, Louis Musellec, went bankrupt.

However, the mill was to enjoy a new lease of life. In 1939, the State renovated the building to house refugees, but in the same year, it fell into the hands of German soldiers 🥷🏽and was transformed into a military barracks.

After the Second World War, the mill became a military training centre for French office cadets, before the creation of the famous Lanvéoc Naval Academy.

In 1965, the mill was transformed into a place of entertainment that would spread throughout the region. First a bistro, then a guinguette, and in 1977, it became a restaurant and its famous discotheque "Seaside" with its luminous floor... widely copied since.

Permanently closed in 1987, the Moulin is for sale and awaits a new life. This is the ambition of the MMProjet 🌈

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